(TAP) – A month after the launch of its call for applications, the programme dedicated to financing startups, “IntilaQ fast track”, was closed with the announcement of the 5 winning startups.

A sum of 1 million dinars will be released in the coming days for the benefit of the selected companies, in the form of individual investment tickets up to 300 thousand dinars, according to a press release from business and innovation centre “IntilaQ”

Tunisia’s leading startups investors “IntilaQ Innovation Hub” (+14 million dinars investment) launched on January 07, 2019 the “IntilaQ fast track”: a programme strongly inspired by the practice of Business Angels in “Startup Friendly” countries and whose main objective is to shorten the process of the first fundraising, usually time-consuming, to a duration not exceeding one month.

This will allow entrepreneurs to focus more on issues inherent to their business, namely, product development, marketing…

After a three-day bootcamp, the 11 shortlisted candidates pitched their respective projects before the IntilaQ Investment Committee. The Committee ended up retaining the following 5 startups:

1 / Cloudshift (300 thousand dinars investment): publisher of a solution for continuous optimisation of cloud consumption and SAAS plans.

2 / Deepera (200 thousand dinars of investment): a startup fintech that proposes a solution based on artificial intelligence with the objective of democratising the financial investment.

3 / Appro.tn (200 thousand dinars investment): publisher of a solution dedicated to the intelligent automation of procurement operations of small and medium enterprises.

4 / Attila Tel (150 thousand dinars investment): publisher of a solution based on artificial intelligence dedicated to improving customer engagement among telecom operators.

5 / Wescore (150 thousand dinars of investment): publisher of a community management and loyalty solution (sports, associative …).

Bassem Bouguerra, the Executive Director of IntilaQ, announced that the “fast track” will be renewed every year and that beyond the direct impact on the beneficiary companies, “IntilaQ” aims through this unique programme to root a new investment culture and introduce new funding standards for startups.

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