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Mission and Vision of IntilaQ

IntilaQ is a business and innovation center building the capacities of young Tunisians by fostering innovation and encouraging entrepreneurship in the information and communication technologies sector. IntilaQ creates a new entrepreneurial dynamic in the ICT sector in Tunisia through a comprehensive support program dedicated to entrepreneurs, start-ups with innovative projects.

IntilaQ’s main mission is to help build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that fosters innovation and supports start-ups development, by contributing to the transformation of the Tunisian economy into a knowledge-based economy


IntilaQ Tunisia was founded in 2014 as an initiative of Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD), Microsoft Tunisia and Ooredoo to foster technology-driven entrepreneurship and innovation in Tunisia. 

Throughout its history, IntilaQ Tunisia underwent various phases of development and growth, continuously adapting to the evolving needs of Tunisia’s tech ecosystem.

IntilaQ Tunisia played a crucial role in encouraging investment and driving the emergence of successful startups that contribute to Tunisia’s economic development.

IntilaQ is entirely supported by the Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD) through the Qatar Friendship Fund Tunisia.

The Qatar Fund For Development is a public development institution committed, on behalf of the State of Qatar, to improving the livelihood of communities around the world.

This is achieved through:

  • Providing financial tools to developing countries around the world and beyond for responsive and effective humanitarian and development aid
  • Empowering populations through the promotion of education, healthcare, social services, infrastructure and economic development
  • Engaging in local and international partnerships to optimize impact
  • Capitalising on Qatar’s expertise, capabilities and skills to maximise results
  • Adopting global leading practices and fostering innovative solutions in the provision of services

QFFD’s vision is “Give hope and promote peace and justice through sustainable and inclusive development “

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Launch of IntilaQ Business and Innovation Hub.


Launch of IntilaQ two Investment Funds: IntilaQ for Excellence and IntilaQ for Growth.


Launch of IntilaQ Data Science Academy.


Launch of IntilaQ Fast Track Program.


IntilaQ Tunisia offers a wide range of resources and services to support startups and tech enterprises, including Growth-Oriented Resources, mentorship programs, access to funding opportunities, and networking events. 

It serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the development of groundbreaking technologies that can address real-world challenges and contribute to the country’s overall progress.

Growth-Oriented Resources

IntilaQ offers a wide range of resources, from incubation spaces to

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IntilaQ provides a valuable mentorship service designed to guide and support

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Seed Funding

IntilaQ provides startups with the capital they need to get their

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Networking Events

IntilaQ helps startups to gain access to its extensive network of

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