What’s your next late cooking may teach you about startups

By March 10, 2019 No Comments

I was working late as usual and I got a hunger rampage. I stood up and crawled to the kitchen hoping to find something to eat. The kitchen was empty no pizza nothing, I opened the fridge and it was empty except for couple of veggies and some chees. So I decided to cook a late night meal using what I found. After long preparing, cooking and waiting for my meal to be ready it tasted pretty good at that exact time an idea hit me. Cooking a late night meal is exactly like cooking a startup. Crazy? Wait for it.

  • The hunger, the need and the start

We all know that feeling of hunger, when suddenly all your body just shut down and all you can think about is how hungry you are. No matter how much you try to focus the hunger keeps distracting you until all you can think about is food. At that time you stop whatever you are doing and start looking for food, you just need food. You look everywhere around and you can’t find food, you can’t find something to satisfy your need so you decide to do it yourself and you start gathering whatever small resources you have so you can start the cooking.

Sounds familiar? It is the very basic motivation behind starting a startup. Need, nothing available that can satisfy you and starting to satisfy your need with whatever resources you have.

  • The preparation

I had couple of veggies and some cheese, there is no respected recipe in the book of recipes that can be done with what I had. But I am hungry and I must be creative, so I tried to create my own recipe, the possibility to get a good meal using the resources I had is very slim and it is too risky since I am investing all I have. But I took the risk and started carefully cutting the veggies, preparing the veggies, I put all my focus on the preparation, after all this all I have.

Usually you start a startup with little resources you have and you invest them all in very risky venture that have 1 to 10 possibility to succeed, and in this phase you better be very careful with the resources you have and put all your focus and energy in one hell of preparation.

  • The cooking

After preparing my meal the hard part began, I put my meal on the fire, it can be burned very easily, I have to put it on very warm fire, I have to be patient and not to rush, I don’t want to be inpatient so my meal don’t burn, also I don’t want to be very slow so I fall in sleep and let it burn. I have to use the right amount of fire so it keeps it boiling without burning it.

The same goes with building the startup product, you don’t want to be too fast and burn it and of course you don’t want to be too slow and your product becomes obsolete. You have to find your best speed.

  • The missing ingredients

The meal is cooking and I tasted it, it is not so bad but it was missing some mushrooms. Where I can find some mushrooms at this time of night? The stores were closed. Suddenly I heard a voice in my neighbor’s house, but it will be crazy to go now and ask for some mushrooms, but my meal success was depending on that mushroom. Finally I put my courage together and got to the neighbor’s house, I rang the bell and the neighbor came out, he was surprised, I told him I am really sorry but I am cooking a meal and I am so hungry and this meal may save my night and it can be one of the greatest meal I ever made but it needs some mushrooms, he smiled, he said you are crazy but I like the meal and gave me some mushrooms.

This is exactly how investment works in the startups word. You have a beta version of the product you tested it, you get feedback, some things are missing but you need more resources to accomplish your target and at that time you go to get invest and you must have the courage to pitch your idea and find a crazy investor who will like you and give you those resources.

  • The results and the growth

At the end of the night my meal was ready, I eat it and against all odds it was really good, I got back to my neighbor and gave him a little bit, he liked it too, I was satisfied and happy. I was so happy and proud of my recipe that I cooked it again for myself the next days, I noted every part of the process so I can cook it each time in the same way and get the same results. After a while I cooked for my family and they liked it, my mother who was the influencer asked me for the recipe and she cooked it for my relatives, they liked it, my grandmother who was a bigger influencer asked for the recipe and cooked it for everyone in the family. Suddenly my recipe was famous and everyone was cooking it.

When you achieve a successful product that you are happy about, you must note the process to replicate that success. You ask people to try it, finding the right influencers and with your help selling it your product will grow exponentially.