We are looking for a new batch of startups to fund. We are open for any Tunisia based technology startup with a POC, looking for a smart money seed investment of up to 300,000 TND

This money should allow the startup to finalize its MVP and to go live (soft launch), which will facilitate fundraising on a larger scale.

Apply On January 7

Why this investment track

The standard venture funding process is at the same time too long and mostly unsuitable for very early stage startups. In other words, it is inappropriate to go through the same path to raise seed, mid & growth money.

Thus, the philosophy behind IntilaQ fast track is to enable start-ups in product development phase to benefit from a streamlined & short funding path adapted to their progress status.

By “streamlined” we mean that the investment decision will be exclusively based on the 4 following criteria : the cofounders, the value proposition, the business opportunity & the vision.

For which target

IntilaQ Fast Track is dedicated to IT startups obeying to the following criteria :

  • Prototype or Proof Of Concept (POC) achieved.
  • At least 2 complementary cofounders.
  • Pre-revenue phase.
  • Matching between the startup’s business and the cofounders’ experiences.
  • High scalability.
Timeline ( updated )

07/01 - 20/01

Call for applications

21/01 - 25/01

Applications screening


Pre-selection of 12 startups & notifications to applicants

01/02 - 04/02

4 days bootcamp
Day 1 : “Your story and your product”.
Day 2 : “Your market & your competitors”.
Day 3 : “Your product roadmap & your Sales/Marketing plan”.
Day 4 : Demo day.


Selection of 5 startups & winners’ announcement


Signature of shareholders agreement & convertible bonds contract

Funds’ disbursement : as soon as the startup completes its transformation into a public limited company.

Available Deals

Tier 1 ticket

1 x 300 KTND in cash
150 KTND in equity for 17% stake / 150 KTND in Convertible Bonds.

Tier 2 Ticket

2 x 200 KTND in cash
100 KTND in equity for 17% stake / 100 KTND in Convertible Bonds.

Tier 3 Ticket

2 x 150 KTND in cash
75 KTND in equity for 17% stake / 75 KTND in Convertible Bonds.

Easy application

For application, all you need is to upload 2 minutes video describing the value proposition, the execution capacities & the main achievements of your startups, as well as cofounder’s CVs.

Apply On January 7