5 Hidden Tunisian Startups that will make it BIG

By August 8, 2017 No Comments

The startup scene in Tunisia is no different than the ones you see in other parts of the world. Most people would know about startups with founders making a lot of noise in the media and social networks while many hidden gems use all their time building their product or talking to their customers.

There are many well known startups that I won’t mention here, I will try to shed the light on the “hidden” Tunisian startups that the general public never heard of, yet they are stepping towards achieving a great international success.


This is by far, my favorite one! It was created a couple of years ago by Mehdi Triki and Walid Ben Chamekh, 2 telco engineers in the roaming department after they found a “pain killer” idea that could potentially help telcos manage all their roaming processes.

In a very short period of time, Roamsmart team was able to sell its product using a subscription model to telcos in 37 countries located in 5 continents. Received multiple innovation awards and the last of these awards was best vendor in one of the major KPIs “WOW Factor” within the Customer Service 2017 Survey conducted by ROCCO where 145 vendors have been rated by almost 300 Mobile Operators.

If you are an investor, this is the startup you want to watch pretty closely!

Axe Finance

This startup is already making it big! With offices in Tunis, Dubai, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, Axe Finance has developed a great end-to-end solution for banks to manage the credit process.

Axe finance was able to sell its product to big players in the banking field and is experiencing an amazing growth.


I had the chance to visit the extravagant Polysmart office and had a firsthand view of their work. The founders had this vision of competing with international game studios and for that they must recruit the best talents out there. The local talent shortage didn’t stop them and they brought designers and engineers from Algeria and Ukraine.

During my visit, I got to checkout the game they’ve been working on for 2 years. It is just AMAZING!

The video game publisher Wargaming just came to Tunisia to meet with the management of Polysmart and we should be hearing great news soon.

If Polysmart makes it big with their game Veterans Onlinewe will be seeing a new bright era for the Tunisian video game community.


GEEC is a startup that operates in the field of Green Energy and Energy Saving. It was founded 2 years ago and is having an impressive growth in sales!

GEEC is different from the typical startups we are used to because GEEC founders decided to use existing solutions such as SkySpark instead of creating their own. Their engineering team builds on top of these solutions and customize them to meet their clients’ needs. This model helped them move very fast from the development phase to traction and growth.

GEEC is now eyeing international expansion to neighboring countries and all the odds are on their side to make it big internationally.


This startup was created and incubated in IP-Tech Tunisia. They have developed a great product for document management harnessing AI and Machine Learning for data processing and document analysis.

Their product is being used by Insurance companies, banks, governments, etc.. and they have clients in Tunisia and many client in sub saharan Africa.

P.S: There are many great Tunisian startups such a Expensya, Datavora, etc… I didn’t mention them here because, again, I want to highlight the ones not known to the public.